Your friendly Truck-Washing facility between the Autobahn and the Ferry


ScanRo GmbH offers the appropriate vehicle washing for all vehicle types.
Our price list contains the service description as well as the net and gross prices.
We will be happy to send you these on request. Öffnet Ihren MailClient zum Versenden der  

We accept UTA, DKV, EC-CARD, Maestro, Mastercard, VISA and cash.

Description of services

We offer a variety of individual washing concepts and adapt to your needs. Our focus is on thorough washing, because without additional hand washing, an optimal result cannot be achieved. The manufacturer of our truck wash is SVG Super Wash model Magnum C50000. The system has 3 rollers with a maximum washing height of 4,200mm.

Our range of services includes the exterior washing of vehicles of our contractual partners in the form of manual exterior cleaning by means of high-pressure lances and sponge, followed by exterior washing by means of a truck washing system.
The installed water treatment technology ensures the reuse of up to 85% of the fresh water used.

An ideal place
for ensuring your
truck's stay clean!
... or for keeping your
in good order!
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