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general terms and conditions

of the ScanRo GmbH for vehicle washing

The cleaning of the vehicles in the car wash TRUCKWASH Rostock-Port is based on the following conditions:

  1. ScanRo GmbH (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) shall clean vehicles which are suitable for cleaning in the Contractor's car wash due to their condition, their technical parameters and/or their load within the agreed scope of the order (washing programme) and in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the General Terms and Conditions).
  2. In addition to the automatic three-side brush washing system with rotating PE brushes and high-pressure nozzles, manually operated high-pressure cleaners with a water pressure of up to 120 bar are also used. In addition to cold water, chemical substances or alkaline and acid cleaning agents are sometimes used for vehicle cleaning.
  3. The washing system is only approved for vehicles with the following dimensions:
         • max. height 4.20 m
         • max. width 3,05 m
         • max. length 27,00 m
  4. Loose and/or movable parts or attachments on the vehicle must be removed or secured in an appropriate manner by the driver before entering the carwash. Exterior mirrors must always be folded up, antennas retracted or removed. Windows, convertible tops and other openings in the outer shell of the vehicle must be tightly closed.
  5. The wash customer (hereinafter referred to as the Client) and/or the vehicle driver shall be obliged to inform the Contractor, without being asked to do so, of possible hazards, in particular hazardous goods, which may emanate from the vehicle and/or its load prior to conclusion of the contract. The duty to provide information also applies to known, assumed or feared incompatibilities of the vehicle or its load with chemical or mechanical cleaning agents.
  6. The driver is obliged to keep all valuables safe and to lock the vehicle during the washing process.
  7. The Contractor shall not be liable for objects lost during the washing process or in connection therewith.
  8. Entry into and exit from the car wash is only permitted at the request of the Contractor's personnel and at a reasonable speed (max. walking speed).
  9. The Contractor's or its personnel's instructions must be followed. Entrance and exit from the wash hall are the sole responsibility and risk of the Client. The vehicle shall be parked in the wash hall by the driver in accordance with the regulations, secured against rolling away and the engine shall be switched off.
  10. During the washing process, the driver must leave his vehicle and the wash hall.
  11. Contractor's liability is excluded or limited, this shall also apply to the personal liability of its legal representatives, employees and vicarious agents.
  12. The Client shall be liable for all damages culpably caused by him, his employees and/or vicarious agents to the car wash, in particular for damages caused by violation of the provisions mentioned here.
  13. The prices in EURO according to the current price list available in the office (office extension) or the prices or conditions agreed with the client by means of a company contract shall apply.
  14. The washing price is to be paid before the car wash either in cash or with an accepted card at the cash desk in the office (office extension). Different conditions may apply to company contracts.
  15. Complaints regarding the washing result or claims for compensation due to damage to the vehicle must be made by the vehicle driver immediately, but in any case before leaving the Contractor's premises. Later claims are excluded.
  16. The General Terms and Conditions are displayed at the cash desk in the office (office extension), are handed over there on request and can be viewed on the Internet at
  17. The GTC are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The ordinary courts in Rostock shall have exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contract and these GTC, provided that the customer is a merchant within the meaning of the German Commercial Code, a special fund under public law or a legal entity under public law.

Rostock, den 17.03.2011
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